washing powder " SUPERWASH " ( made in EU )

Washing powder with good washing qualities. Removes all staining and prevents the laundry to turn grey. Suitable for washing at all temperatures. Achieves high efficiency already at low temperatures.
White powder water - soluble, suitable for washing at all temperature settings. It can be used for soaking and washing. It is determined for all types of washing machines and for hand washing.

Usage: washing powder
Appearance: white powder with red, green and blue particles
Scent: perfumed

free for sale - except: Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania,
Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Kaliningrad, Belarus, England
and Ireland !

SUPERWASH in 5 kg - deliverly:
per 1 x 40" CNT: 20 x US-Standard pal. a 208 pc
= 4.160 packs a 5 kg
per 1 x Truck: 33 x Euro-Standard pal. a 132 pc
= 4.356 packs a 5 kg

SUPERWASH in 25 kg - deliverly:
alternaitive " SUPERWASH " packed into 25 kg clear bags.

minimum order 1 x 40" CNT:
We can load in a 40" CTN max. 24 tons
( = 960 clear bags a 25 kg )

general terms:
payment: 100 % advance payment by T/ T
delivery: exw. price + freight

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