Lady Napkins 1st Quality

Our sanitary napkins are made of cellulose, the same raw material that is used to make paper. This material makes the napkins fleecy and very light, nevertheless, it still can absorb the wetness. The "crown" and the fluid tight safety cover is made of watertight synthetic such as Polypropylene or Polyethylene for optimal leakage protection. Due to the cotton material used our napkins are very light and amazing absorptive at the same time.

Experience the new generation of softness combined with maximal wearing comfort and protection.

Big with Wings

These sanitary napkins are extra long and strong with formfitting shaped wings for a perfect fit. Due to these characteristics the napkins provide maximum protection.

sizes 1 carton : 53 cm x 53 cm x 57 cm
weight one piece =7 g
weight 1 carton about 22-24 kg

(purple color Night with wings in photo) green/pink

container 20 FT 40 FT HC 
description sanitary napkins(S280TM) night with pack (12 Pieces) sanitary napkins(S280TM) night with pack (12 Pieces)
pack/carton 48 48
cartons 1000 2243
pack per CNT 48000 107664
net weight in kg 3640 kg 8000 kg
gross weight in kg 4100 kg 8960 kg
piece per container 576360 1.292000

Enclosed please find some sample designs, however, making your own design is possible.

If you wish to pack with your own lable, you have to pay an extra charge for your private label. The price depends on design and color.

The MOQ is at least 40 HQ for two kinds of products.

The delivery terms are: FOB including packaging and labour charge.

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