Baby Wipes Harmony 120pcs


This is our own Brand name product "Harmony Baby Wet Wipes-Comfort".

The baby wipes are manufactured in Turkey and with European quality requirements, while they are constantly regularly produced, which includes a guarantee for their freshness.

The extra-soft, tear-resistant wipes are ideal for gently cleaning the baby's skin. The refreshing scent of jasmine with a hint of chamomile gives a cleaning and harmonious feeling.

The practical freshness seal guarantees optimum moisture and maximum hygiene - to the last towel!

Product information

product name Harmony Baby Wet Wipes - Comfort
package includes 120 wipes per pack
material spunlace 40 g
dimension 150 x 180 mm
folding Interfold (Cloth to wrap system)
impregnation 4,0 g / wipes
recipe nourishing lotion scented with Yasmin & Chamomile Extract
Description: Extra soft and durable tissue Gentle and thorough cleaning of baby skin. Ph-neutral, No alcohol, No colorants. with Chamomile extract & jasmine perfume. microbiologically tested. Paraben Free
carton contents: 24 packs per carton
42 cartons per pallet
35 pallets per truck

minimum order 1X20 FT container

Container contents:

20 FT Container = 665 Cartons = 15960 Packages

40 Ft HC Container = 1485 Cartons = 35640 Packages

The goods are shipped without pallets! !

Harmonay Baby Wet Wipes - Comfort
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